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An automated garage door is no longer a luxury, but a necessity from a security point of view. It is imperative to ensure that the motor of choice is fitted with a safety mechanism, (if an obstacle is encountered i.e. a child, a dog, or your car, the motor automatically stops and reverses, preventing injury or damage to property.)

Always make sure that the installer is well qualified and is employed by a reputable garage door specialist. Adjusting and balancing a garage door to ensure smooth and safe operation is vitally important to the lifespan of the motor, as well as the safety of the household.

Absolift® motors offer an optional battery backup which is strong enough to work for up to 15 cycles. We believe this to be a necessity with the frequent power outages we experience in South Africa.

Some of the Absolift® features:
1. 600 N/m / 800 N/m 1800 N/m strength (one of the strongest in SA)
2. Slow start / stop function (for noise reduction)
3. Rechargeable battery back-up, 24 Volt, 2,4AH
4. 4 Button remotes
5. Code hopping receiver
6. Easy functioning program facility
7. Courtesy light, 3 minutes
8. Chain or Belt driven motors (belt being much quieter)